Cosponsored Kanagawa Phil. Orchestra Factory at Neighborhood Elementary Schools

February, 2015

On February 2015, Isuzu helped to jointly organize the Kanagawa Phil. Orchestra Factory, where children enjoyed live music performances and played musical instruments along with the professional orchestra Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter, "Kanagawa Phil."). This took place at Goshomi Elementary School and Akibadai Elementary School, both of which are located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Purpose of the activity

Children are encouraged to enrich their creativity and sensitivity through artistic experiences. In an orchestra, just as in monozukuri, many people come together to create and refine something. This experience-based program is called the Orchestra Factory.

About the program

In addition to live performances of classical masterpieces by the orchestra, the schoolchildren were able to have various musical experiences.

  • Children split up into groups of underclassmen and upperclassmen and accompanied the orchestra on castanets, recorders, and other music instruments.
  • The children sang their original songs in a chorus alongside the orchestra's performance.
  • As an encore, the orchestra performed the school songs for all to sing in chorus.
    (The orchestra's performances of the children's original songs and school songs were recorded at the orchestra and gifted to the schools.)

Future Initiatives

The Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra stresses its principle mission of creating a music culture that is closely linked to the community, and Isuzu has been a supporter of their activities since 2013. Its aim is to help the next generation of local children to explore their future dreams and potential through their activities.