Participation in The 19th Fujisawa Environment Fair "To the Future You! Fujisawa Eco2 Fair 2014"

December, 2014

The 19th Fujisawa Environment Fair took place in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture on December 13, 2014. Civil groups, universities, governmental bodies, corporations and a variety of other groups present their own environmental initiatives in this fair hosted by Fujisawa City, and Isuzu takes part every year.
A large number of people in the community visited on the day. Mayor Suzuki of Fujisawa City also made an appearance at the Isuzu booth.

Many people are learning about Isuzu's initiatives.

About the exhibition

Indoors, Isuzu introduced "the environmental initiatives of Isuzu plants" using a poster.
Participants who took part in a quiz session about the isuzu's initiatives joined an eco bag making activity. In this activity, they used Isuzu character stamps on their bags.

Visitors are engrossed in the Isuzu eco bag making.

As outdoor events, one booth was set up to present a DeuSEL bus that uses DeuSEL®, the next-generation bio-diesel fuel. Children were allowed to take photos in the driver's seat.

The popular DeuSEL bus

Future Initiatives

Isuzu will continue to introduce its environmental initiatives on various occasions to provide better understanding to many more people.