Isuzu Summer Festivals 2014

August, 2014

Both Fujisawa Plant and Tochigi Plant held their summer festivals in August 2014.
The festivals were intended to show appreciation to the employees and their family members for their daily efforts as well as to the local community and residents for their cooperation.

Fujisawa Plant welcomed 18,000 visitors and Tochigi Plant 5,500. The local residents also enjoyed the festivals.

Fujisawa Plant

Not only were visitors entertained by a parade from the local community's Shonandai High School brass band, but the appearance of a DeuSEL bus was also a highlight of the summer festival, and big fun continued through the closing fireworks.

Employees, their family members, and local residents came to see the festival.

Tochigi Plant

Tochigi Plant held the festival under the theme "Love for Family, Love for Community," following the previous year.
This year's new exhibition, projection mapping, to express our appreciation for the local people, our employees, and their family members. It was unveiled on a heavy-duty Isuzu GIGA truck , and it was very well received.

Projection mapping on a heavy-duty GIGA truck

Future Initiatives

The Summer Festivals will be further able to offer lots of fun to the employees and local people through new different ideas.