A World Class Manufacturer

Isuzu has had a good name in the diesel engine field for long time and had built over 23 million diesels since its predecessor developed Japan's first air-cooled automotive diesel engine in 1936. The company's history is highly respected because of not only its length but also its abundant fruits in responding to ever-changing demands of the market as well as of society.
With its technological edge, Isuzu has kept setting the pace for the industry in developing fuel-efficient, low-emission and powerful diesels. As a result, Isuzu excelled over other companies in the introduction of a direct-injection system and turbocharger incorporated with an intercooler and electronically controlled common-rail high pressure fuel injection system.
If it were not for their excellent reliability and durability, Isuzu diesels could not be used at the Japanese base for the national expedition program in Antarctica, nor could OEM-basis supply of automotive and industrial models to other companies have increased.
Recently, diesel engines are attracting attention globally for their fuel efficiency and durability. Especially, in Western Europe, diesel-powered passenger cars are recognized for its environmental friendliness and powerful performance. Even in USA where diesel are not popular historically, public interest toward fuel efficient and clean diesels is growing. Isuzu has a global diesel engine supply network that encompasses Europe, North America, Japan and other parts of Asia. Other than Isuzu, no diesel manufactures in the world has such global production and sales network.

Diesel Engine Production (includes industrial engines)
Fiscal Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Heavy-Duty Engine
(5,000 cc-)
175,336 169,221 165,664 184,134 180,310
Light-Duty Engine
(-4,999 cc)
612,596 551,784 558,958 458,846 479,155
Total 787,932 721,005 724,622 642,980 659,465

Cumulative Production 23,464,565 24,185,570 24,910,192 25,553,172 26,212,638