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Isuzu is supporting distribution around the world.

Since its introduction in 1959, Isuzu ELF has been a representative light-duty truck in Japan, gaining an excellent reputation as a highly durable and reliable truck with advanced environmental performance and cost-effective operation. With cumulative production of five million units, the ELF has held No.1* market share for 30 years, from 1970 trough 1999 and again beginning in 2001. In 2009, the ELF achieved a high share of 40%.
*Domestic 2-3 ton class cab-over truck market

Among foreign vehicle manufacturers, Isuzu became a pioneer in China by establishing a manufacturing base of light-duty trucks in Chongqing in 1985. Currently, annual local production runs around 35,000 vehicles. Also, Isuzu diesel engines are supplied to local heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, building on its reputation for superb durability and reliability.

Isuzu's history of exports began with Hong Kong back in 1949. The distinctive "ELF(N series) Blue" color is omnipresent on the streets of Hong Kong, and the N series has enjoyed No.1 share for 31 years, the longest record of market leadership overseas.

Isuzu vehicles are very popular in ASEAN nations, such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. In Vietnam, the market share of Isuzu N series light -duty trucks is 49%, demonstrating the vital role in the market.

Low CO2 emissions and excellent fuel economy have made diesel engines popular in Europe, where people have strong environmental awareness. As a result, the share of diesel-powered passenger cars has already surpassed 50%. In this home region of diesel engines, Isuzu's clean diesels, with their high output and fuel efficiency, are chosen to power the Opel Astra / Corsa / Zafira compacts.

Thailand is a pure example of outstanding Isuzu brand strength. The Isuzu D-MAX 1-ton pickup truck, which was launched in 2002, is an icon for young people. In such a highly competitive market crowded with automobile manufacturers from all over the world, the D- MAX pushed its market share to 39% in 2009. Isuzu commercial vehicles have also enjoyed No.1 share in 2009 achieving a high share of 44%.

The Isuzu brand has historical strength in Australia, where its total lineup has an excellent reputation for durability, reliability and added-value. The other reason is that the local distributor has extensive dealer networks, guaranteeing superb service system across the country.

In the severe climate of the vast desert regions of the Middle East such as in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, drivers have come to trust Isuzu pickups and light-duty trucks for their unrivalled reliability and long service life.

Annual sales of the N-Series light-duty trucks (ELF in Japan) have consistently hit more than 20,000 units in the U.S. Users appreciate the N-Series' versatility as inner-city delivery trucks. Holding No.1* share for 24 consecutive years, the N-Series grabbed a dominant 75% of the market in 2009. Moreover, the clean, quiet and powerful Isuzu Duramax 6600 diesel, mounted in GM full-size pickups, has helped to revitalize people's perception of diesel engines in the U.S., contributing to the growing market penetration of GM trucks in this class.
*Class 3-4 ton imported cab-over trucks

Isuzu commercial vehicles enjoy top popularity in El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. Panamanian customers in particular highly appreciate their durability and long service life.

Isuzu's vehicles are sold under the Chevrolet brand in South America. Users in rugged mountainous regions such as Chile, Colombia and Ecuador have learned to rely on tough and reliable Isuzu trucks.

In Egypt, Isuzu 1-ton pickups and light-duty trucks, which are sold under the GM brand, have enjoyed an overwhelming No.1 share for over 20 years.